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Soft Enamel Pins
Hard Enamel Pins
Die Struck Pins
3D Diecast Pins
Screen Printed Pins

Challenge Coins
Race Medals


This chart is an estimation of the cost of production of enamel pin, mold creation, up to two enamel colors, and shipping or delivery to your door. As with any project, many variables go into pricing. For an accurate quote or something not represented below, please use the contact form below.

Soft Enamel / Die Stamp

price per pin
50 100 200 300 400 500 1000
0.50" $3.06 $2.27 $1.77 $1.25 $1.01 $0.86 $0.67
0.75" $3.12 $2.31 $1.81 $1.29 $1.05 $0.90 $0.70
1.00" $3.21 $2.38 $1.89 $1.32 $1.10 $0.95 $0.76
1.25" $3.27 $2.42 $1.94 $1.34 $1.16 $0.98 $0.80
1.50" $3.35 $2.48 $2.08 $1.50 $1.34 $1.13 $0.89
1.75" $3.52 $2.61 $2.24 $1.79 $1.52 $1.34 $1.11
2.00" $3.98 $2.95 $2.44 $1.99 $1.75 $1.57 $1.29

Hard Enamel

price per pin
50 100 200 300 400 500 1000
0.50" $3.37 $2.49 $1.94 $1.37 $1.11 $0.95 $0.73
0.75" $3.43 $2.54 $1.99 $1.41 $1.15 $0.99 $0.77
1.00" $3.51 $2.60 $2.06 $1.45 $1.21 $1.04 $0.83
1.25" $3.58 $2.66 $2.12 $1.47 $1.27 $1.07 $0.87
1.50" $3.67 $2.72 $2.29 $1.65 $1.47 $1.23 $0.97
1.75" $3.88 $2.87 $2.46 $1.96 $1.67 $1.47 $1.22
2.00" $4.37 $3.24 $2.68 $2.19 $1.92 $1.72 $1.41


Complex Die Cut + $.50/pin
Pantone Finish +$.10/pin
Rainbow Metal +$.80/pin
Each additional color (over 2) + $.10/pin
Glitter + $.25/pin
Glow + $.25/pin
Back Stamp (Embossed or Laser) +40
Numbering $30 per 100
Spot Print +$50 Setup plus $.05 per color per pin

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Let us quote you up! Send us all the detail you can about your project and we will get back to you ASAP to get started on a quote. If you have any other questions, fill out the form as best you can and I will be happy to answer them.


Here is a collection of questions we get the most.

My suggested minimum is 50 pins. I say that because anything less is going to be very expensive per pin. If you just REALLY want 10 pins, let me know and we can figure something out but they are going to be more expensive than buying a pin at retail prices.

The pins take 3-4 weeks to manufacture from the time of the final approval. I cannot make any guarantees on delivery dates, but they usually fall within this timeline. If you need them faster than that, I can RUSH them for an additional fee.

Absolutely! Shoot me an email and we can figure something out. I charge $45 per hour for design work and pins are no exception. A pin design can usually be knocked out in an hour or two. If you don’t want to pay extra for a design I will need a clean image file to get your design into pin form. Usually, with a good clean Photoshop or Procreate file, I can convert it to vector without a charge. Send me what you have and we can work it out.

I need a vector file. So an EPS or AI (Adobe Illustrator) file is perfect. Just make sure you outline your fonts before sending or I will have to charge you for the price of the font so I can do that for you. (If you’re not sure how to do that, don’t hesitate to ask! I’d rather walk you through it than charge you.)

There are only really two limitations to hard/soft enamel pins:

1) The colors must be separated by the line work. The line work is representative of the metal in the finished product. This line work, has to separate the enamel because it is initially applied in a liquid form. If you didn’t have metal between the colors before it was hardened, they would run together creating a brown mess. Think of it like an old school tattoo, or a coloring book. Stay in the lines!

2) This line work has to be a minimum of .3mm thick. That’s pretty thin but that is the limitations of the molds to make pins. Otherwise they would break off or mold incorrectly.

2b) I guess I should also note that the minimum size of the space to be filled with enamel is .5mm. Otherwise you can’t see much color.

If you would like to have two colors that are not the enamel fill colors touching, ask me about offset printing on hard enamel pins.

If you look through my Instagram, you can see my work. Most of these pins needed some sort of work from me to make them into the pins you see here. That’s not to say that the designs brought to me aren’t excellent, because they are. But sometimes, you need something to get you from an image to a pin. I have the experience and expertise to translate your designs in to the pin medium.

On top of that, I take the anxiety off of you. It can be super stressful to send a design and your credit card number to some rando in China, only to wait 3 or 4 weeks hoping your pins arrive safely. I take care of that for you. You pay me through a secured invoicing system with an impeccable track record and if there are any problems with your order I will make it right or give you a full refund. So far, I haven’t had to do that and I have been trusted not only by local artists and musicians, but larger companies like Sonic and Hal Smith.

Step 1: You come to me with a pin idea.

Step 2: If you have a design, I quote the pins for you. If you do not have a design, we start talking about design specifications, get a design made, and give you a quote.

Step 3: If you decide to order, I send you an order.

Step 4: Payment

Step 5: Within 2 business days, I send you a final proof.

Step 6: After approval of the final proof, the pins go into productions

Step 7: In 3-4 weeks you have your beautiful, shiny new pins and are super happy.

Step 8: Sell them pins and profit!

On top of pins and design work, I can make patches, medals, badges, keychains, challenge coins, and stickers. If you have another promotional product you need, don’t be afraid to ask. If I can’t do it, I will point you in the right direction.

Yes, we can rush it, but there will be a RUSH fee.

Soft enamel is your more traditional pin where the metal/line work is elevated over the color and the color is recessed. Hard enamel is a similar process but the pins are then polished down so all of the metal and color enamel are the same height giving you a smoother, classier looking pin. Hard enamel is a bit more expensive but completely worth it in certain situations.

I mean, I’d have to look at your previous invoice, but if it’s been within two years of the initial pin order, we can make it without having to make the mold again. That saves you the mold cost of the first order.

Short answer, PROBABLY! Longer answer, it depends on the complexity of the logo. We gotta make it fit! If it does, it costs $40 to add that to back of the pins.

Absolutely. Check me out over at Eastside Design Co. and we can get a dialog going about it. We’ll have to discuss it to get a better idea of what you need.

I won’t make any pins that promote racism, hate groups, white supremacists, or nazis. But if you want to make a with Bart Simpson pissing on a rebel flag, we can do it. If Fox tells you you can’t sell them, I can’t do anything about that.

The pins come packed in a small cellophane wrapper. If you would like more packaging than that, let me know and we can work something out. On smaller orders of 100 or so, most people find it easier to just package the pins themselves. It only takes an hour or so to get through 100 pins.

I also sell a few of my own pin designs and I usually price by size, because that’s one of the biggest factors in manufacturing price. So for 1 inch soft enamel pins, I sell for $9 and go up from there.

If you look through my gallery or Instagram, you will find many people and businesses that have trusted me with their branding. Feel free to DM any of them for a review of me, my process, and my pins. I stand behind every pin I’ve produced.

Our pins are made, like 99% of pins in the world, in China. There aren’t many manufacturers in the US who do this type of work, and if another pin company says they make their pins in the US, they probably don’t. I have a long relationship with the factories that I use, and I know the working conditions and environment are good.

I am in Norman, OK. I have lived many places but none as long as Norman. It’s the only place in Oklahoma I feel truly at home